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Holding Events in our Parks

The parks are ideal places to hold your own event, from community picnics to sporting events to large concerts and festivals. Milton Keynes’ parks host over 200 events each year and we welcome requests from groups and organisations to organise their own events and activities in our parks.  We work with many groups to organise safe and successful parkland events.  To stage your own event, download an organiser’s pack, call or email  the events team on 01908 233600 or events@theparkstrust.com.

All events need an event licence, this is so we can help ensure that the event is safely organised and doesn’t clash with other activities taking place in the park.  An event licence gives permission to host your event and lists the terms and conditions that organisers need to abide by to protect the event participants, other park users and the parks themselves.

Host a Large Outdoor Event

Events can be held in any of the parks but some parks are more suited to large events than others.  Large events and activities are defined by having between 500-9,999 participants and include but not exclusively, concerts, circus, sporting events, carnivals, community events, charitable events, religious services, funfairs, showing of films, corporate events and barbeques, dance or drama performances. 

Download an event organiser’s large outdoor event pack

Host a Small Outdoor Event

Many of the parks are suitable for small events and activities and often small community events attract little or no licence fee, however all events still require an event licence.  Small events are defined as having 0-499 participants and include but not exclusively, running and walking events, community events, picnics, corporate events, family events, barbecues, wedding/blessing and hand fasting ceremonies, charitable events, festivals, live music, showing of films, a one off performance of dance or drama with an expected audience of a couple of hundred people.

Download an event organiser’s small outdoor event pack

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Some events depending on size and nature will attract a licence fee, see the events rate card or call the events team for advice.  A land bond is applied to most events.  This is a returnable deposit to cover the costs of any damage that may be caused as a result of the event.  The bond is usually returned in full after the event but occasionally it may be necessary to retain all or part of the bond to cover repairs; a full explanation of the costs being recovered will be supplied to you if this happens.

Download our 2018 events rate card


Events can be held in most parks but some parks are more suitable than others.  See the event locations page or download our event locations guide for information.