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Broughton Brook

This park offers local residents an attractive outlook & a quiet place to escape with the family, the dog or their own thoughts.

Caldecotte Brook

The area has been re-landscaped and re-planted & new seating has been installed.

Caldecotte Lake

Caldecotte Lake is a great choice for a family outing, with some quiet corners to explore as well.

Campbell Park

Its imaginative mix of formal gardens, water features, woodland & open pasture mean it’s an ideal spot to enjoy the changing seasons.

Canal Broadwalk

The Canal Broadwalk provides a direct link with the area's industrial past - but also a wealth of leisure opportunities for today's residents.

Elfield Nature Park

A hidden jewel, and one of Milton Keynes’ most interesting wildlife sites is how the Parks Trust views Elfield Park.

Floodplain Forest

The landscape is designed to flood regularly when water levels in the river Great Ouse rise, maturing into a diverse ecosystem.

Furzton Lake

Furzton Lake’s open views make it a popular choice for joggers, cyclists and walkers.

Great Linford Brick Kilns

Located in Great Linford near the Grand Union Canal are 2 well preserved and renovated 19th Century Brick Kilns.

Hazeley Wood

One of the best features of Hazeley Wood are the enormous grass rides which cut through the woodland, opening up views.

Howe Park Wood

Declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest by Natural England and an opportunity to understand the lifecycle of a wood.

Linford Manor Park

A visit to the Manor Park at Great Linford gives a flavour of the 18th century fashion for shaping the landscape.

Linford Wood

Linford Wood is the largest and oldest of the Trust's three ancient woodlands. Linford Wood provides a tranquil haven for wildlife and people

Lodge Lake

The Lake is perfect for a short outing-a gentle walk around the lake edge takes about 30 minutes.

North Loughton Valley Park

North Loughton Valley Park features include historical items and some world famous Milton Keynes' icons!

Ouse Valley Park

The park is the most rural of any found in Milton Keynes and is a great place to go to experience the feeling of the countryside without leaving the city.

Ouzel Valley Park

Ouzel Valley Park has a spacious, open atmosphere with long views. Much of this land is leased for grazing by The Parks Trust.

Kents Hill Park

Kents Hill Park is a small wooded park to the west of Kents Hill

Shenley Wood

Shenley Wood is one of three ancient woodlands in Milton Keynes, a wonderful spot for a quiet walk and to enjoy the abundant wildlife.


Ashland Lakes comprises a chain of connected lakes and an ornamental pond with a fountain.

Stantonbury Fields

Mount Farm Trials Park

Parkland at Mount Farm is currently leased out for use by the Milton Buzzard Motorcycle Club.

Tattenhoe Valley

Tattenhoe Valley Park is a delightful place for a walk, cycle or horseride with plenty of wildlife to enjoy.

Oxley Park

The parkland contains play areas for local children

Teardrop Lakes

The four Teardrop Lakes are a destination in their own right, providing fishing waters and a peaceful escape for those working in nearby offices.


The Parks Trust looks after an area of informal meadows, long grass and ponds which is managed for wildlife.

Tree Cathedral (Newlands)

Contrary to what many believe, Milton Keynes does have its own cathedral. But like the city itself, this cathedral is unique - made from bark and leaves rather than bricks and mortar.

North Loughton Valley Park

North Loughton Valley Park features include historical items and some world famous Milton Keynes' icons!

Walton Lake

Originally built as a 'balancing lake' for the River Ouzel, Walton Lake is one of the richest spots in Milton Keynes to enjoy wildlife.

Stonepit Field Park

Stonepit Field is the location for many events including wildflower walks and fossil hunts.  It is also a great place for dog walking.

Waterhall Park

Waterhall Park is the perfect place to spot wildlife. Waterhall is a wonderful spot to study the life of the riverbank.


Passenham is a mix of arable land and flood plain meadows and ancient ridge and furrow pasture.

Willen Lake North

Willen Lake North is home to one of Milton Keynes’ best-known landmarks, the first Peace Pagoda to be built in the western world.

Willen Lake South

South Willen Lake is the busiest park in the region. Take part in water sports, high ropes, and is perfect for jogging, picnics, walks & play.

Linford Lakes Nature Reserve

A 37 hectare wetland wildlife site consisting of a large lake, woodland and small meadows interlaced with a series of ponds and smaller lakes

Stony Stratford Nature Reserve

In 2008 work began to re-establish Stony Stratford Nature Reserve as a major local wildlife park.

Black Horse Wood

Evidence of the old pond cascades can still be seen in the undergrowth between the canal and the railway walk which transacted the site in the 19th century

Brooklands Meadow Park

Brooklands Meadow forms a linear park through the new estate of Brooklands in the east of the city

BMX Track

The BMX track at Pineham is open to anyone who wants to ride BMX. MK BMX club regularly use it for training and competitions


Millfield is an island within the river Ouse which forming part of the Ouse Valley which runs across the north of the city

Poplar Plantation

Located just south of Willen Lake, the Poplar Plantation connects the bustling lakeside to the tranquility of the Ousel Valley

Stanton Low Park

A 57 hectare site of former agricultural land with the remains of St. Peter's Church and small woodland known as Joan's Piece

The Toot

Pastured area around the earthworks of a 13th century motte and bailey castle called the Toot.

Tombs Meadow

An area of the Ouse Valley north west of Stony Stratford, often grazed with cattle or sheep


A small woodland situated in Tattenhoe Park within easy walking distance of Howe Park Wood.