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Furzton Lake

Furzton Lake’s open views make it a popular choice for joggers, cyclists and walkers. Created  to act as a basin for floodwaters during rainy spells, the lake has matured into an easily accessible and peaceful oasis for local residents, office workers and wildlife.

What to see and do

Don't miss

Providing a striking landmark at Furzton is the Triple Star Head sculpture by Romanian artist Paul Neagu, shaped like a comet with its tail erupting from the earth .

Look out, too, for the Silhouetted Portals by Wendy Hitchings - wooden sculptures on the islands near Lynmouth Crescent, which have proved popular with the resident bird population.

Find out about the artworks at Furzton Lake and in our other parks here.


A Model Boat Club operates from Furzton, using  the bays on the Lynmouth Crescent side of the lake.

Fishing at the lake is managed by Milton Keynes Angling Association.

Korfball is played on Thursday nights in the summer.


For full programme see our events pages.


Volunteers are helping the Parks Trust clear the islands of scrub and bramble, to provide a better habitat for ground nesting birds. The lake also has a large population of geese and other waterfowl.


Picnic tables




Jogging: distance around both lakes 2.2km



There is a designated barbecue area near the 'star' car park, off the V4 Watling Street.  Groups of 10 or more will need permission from info@theparkstrust.com

Need to know

Getting there

Furzton Lake is located in the Furzton grid square and is bordered by V4 Watling street, Shirwell Crescent, Bilbrook lane, and Lynmouth Crescent.

Opening times

The park and car parks are open at all times throughout the year. There is no admission fee.

Car parking

Free car parking at the following locations:

V4 Watling St opposite the National Bowl

Lynmouth Crescent between Swimbridge Lane and Pinkworthy

Shirwell Crecent


There are no public toilets at this site, but the hotel has customer toilets during opening hours.


The Furzton Lake Hotel is open for meals, snacks and hot and cold drinks.

Disabled access

There are good all-weather paths around the lake with some steep gradients near the outflow close to the V4 car park.

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What's on at Furzton Lake

Make a day of it

Furzton connects up the Tattenhoe Valley, Lodge Lake and North Loughton parks, offering a route from the far south west to the far north west of Milton Keynes.

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