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Canal Broadwalk

The Grand Union Canal enters Milton Keynes in the Ouse Valley Park at Old Wolverton and snakes in a dramatic arc right through the east of the city until it leaves Milton Keynes at Water Eaton in Bletchley.

It provides a direct link with the area's industrial past - but also a wealth of leisure opportunities for today's residents. Among the best must be the canal broadwalk, managed by The Parks Trust, which allows you to walk, jog or cycle from historic Linford Manor Park through to Woughton on the Green, on good paths but within sight of the water and its colourful traffic of narrowboats.

What to see and do

Among the things to look out for en route are Great Linford Brick Kilns, the boat basin at Pennylands, poplar trees and a board walk through the reeds between Giffard Park and Willen Park.


There are plenty of opportunities for fishing along the Canal Broadwalk. Contact Milton Keynes Angling Association for details


For full programme see our What’s On pages.


Picnic tables




Bridle path

Need to know

Getting there

You can join the Canal Broadwalk at any of the following areas - see  a Milton Keynes city map for access and car park details: Great Linford, Giffard Park, Pennyland, Bolbeck Park, Downhead Park, Willen Park, Campbell Park, Newlands, Springfield, Woolstone, Peartree Bridge, Woughton on the Green.


There are no facilities within the park along the Broadwalk.


There are local shops in most of the adjoining areas, and pub restaurants directly on the route at Giffard Park and Peartree Bridge.

Disabled access

With its connections to the city's systems of redways and leisure routes the Broadwalk is suitable for wheelchairs, pushchairs and cyclists. The canal towpath takes visitors close to the water and canal wildlife but is not suitable for wheels.

Make a day of it

From Linford Manor Park in the north to Woughton on the Green and Simpson in the south, there are numerous opportunities to detour into other parkland managed by the Parks Trust. At Woughton you can cross open farmland to join the Ouzel Valley Park, while on the canal’s west bank you can cross into Campbell Park.