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Broughton Brook

This park follows the Broughton Brook, from Magna Park near the M1 through Brooklands, Broughton Gate, Broughton and Pineham. It offers local residents an attractive and quiet place to escape into green space within the city.  At Broughton Gate next to Southwold Crescent there is a popular children's play area, with another located at Kidderminster Walk.

A new section of the linear park was added at Magna Park in 2017. Other sections of the park will be added as the Brooklands housing area is developed. 

What to see and do

Don’t miss

The iconic cable-stayed bridge at Tanfield Lane, Broughton, spans the brook and has been built to accommodate the proposed Bedford and Milton Keynes Waterway, which would follow the Broughton Brook when constructed. 

St Lawrence Church, dating from the 14th century, sits on the edge of the park’s north east boundary and is worth a visit for its wall paintings, hidden until a restoration in 1849. Covering large parts of the church’s north and south walls the murals include a depiction of St George slaying the dragon.


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At the north end of the park at Atterbury is an area of ponds and wet woodland set aside for wildlife.  Timber boardwalks are provided to allow visitors close access to the wetland habitats.

At Magna Park there is an attractive lake, designed to manage floodwater and provide a peaceful area to enjoy nature.


Picnic tables

Seating: Seating

Play area: Play areas next to Southwold Crescent and at Kidderminster Walk

Getting there

There are numerous access points into this park as it follows the course of the Broughton Brook from Magna Park all the way through Broughton to Atterbury and Pineham.